Ladybug News


Ladybug News

December 2017

Dear Families,

This month we will explore the jungle. We will discover what foods come from tropical environments and what plants and animals live there.  We will also be busy preparing for the Holiday Sing-along.  Get ready to be delighted by another round of catchy tunes!  

Highlights of the month:

Art: Jungle stencils, ice art, watercolor, color mixing

Science:  What is a coconut and how do we open it?

Math: Symmetry, Balance & Gears

Dramatic Play: Jungle animals

Literacy: syllables, Book exploration: discovering our personal notebooks

Letters of the week: J, N, C

Music and Movement: “ice skating” with felt,

Sensory Table: Jungle animals in beans

Author of the Month: Jan Brett

Updates and Reminders:

  • Holiday sing-along December 21st at 11:15 and 3:15

  • Pajama Day- December 20th

  • Swimming lessons for afternoon class start on December 14th.

  • When the snow starts to fly, be sure to bring your child to school with “All 5 Things”.  This includes boots, snow pants, coat, hat, and mittens.  

  • The Gunnison Food Pantry will bring bread products to Lake School every Thursday.  Please pick some up on your way our on Thursday afternoons.

  • And lastly, The health inspector visited our school recently week.  She was overwhelmingly impressed by the cleanliness and our protocols.  She did, unfortunately, say, however, that it is against the state health code to serve any food at snack time that needs to be refrigerated.  This includes cheese sticks, yogurt, cream cheese; basically all dairy products.  Fresh fruits and veggies are okay. She explained that we cannot know with certainty that the food has been refrigerated prior arriving at school.  So, effective now, all snacks at school must be off the approved snack list.  I can pass out another copy of the approves snack list to anybody who wants another.